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'Never Before Festival'
the unmissable event in the Maldives

The Cocoon Collection is pleased to announce an innovative initiative that promises to transform the traditional holiday experience in the Maldives.

The ‘Never Before Festival’ will take place from 4th to 31st May 2024 and will transform Joy Island, Cocoon Maldives, and You & Me Maldives into exclusive locations for special DJ sets dedicated to resort guests only.

From 4th to 13th May, the ‘Never Before Festival’ will take place in Joy Island and Cocoon Maldives and will feature three famous Italian music personalities: the renowned duo Merk & Kremont, Addal, and Eddy Veerus.

The second stage of the event is set to continue at You&Me Maldives from 18th to 31st May, where it will host two international DJs: Minlee from South Korea and Katrin Kova, directly from Dubai's movida.

We express our gratitude to Trans Maldivian Airlines for being one of our key partners in the ‘Never Before Festival’, providing exceptional seaplane experiences to our guests.

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